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This is a small web site used to support my involvement in the Vesta Software Configuration Management project..

The instructions for installing vesta without a working server have been removed. I'd like to thank Ken Schalk for getting the server back online.

Vesta Overview

A brief overview of the current status of the Vesta project and my past experiences with Software Configuration Management systems.

Getting Vesta

Describes how to download Vesta packages.

Installing Vesta

Instructions to manually install the downloaded packages. Also, extra steps to configure Vesta are included.

Using Vesta

Provides links to Vesta documentation. It also includes information on how to access the repository hosted at

Cross Compilers in Vesta

Describes the build system developed at This system includes cross compiler support to target:

  • GNU/Linux on amd64, i386, armhf, and mipsel
  • MS Windows on amd64, i686

Vesta's Future

Thoughts and plans for the modifications I plan to make to the Vesta project.

Last Updated on  April 27th, 2017